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General Applications
• Loading & Unloading of Road Tankers
• Scrubbing of Corrosive Gases
• Effluent Treatment
• Electro Plating
• Water Treatment
• Filter Press for Dyes
• Descaling
• X- Ray Plants

• Chemicals
• Fuel Oil
• Waste Oil

• Gear Boxes
• Lubrication of Machineries
• Pumps and like equipments

Marine Applications
• Engine room Pumps and Barges
Thermal Power Plants
• Firing of Fuel Oils in Boilers
• Oils Storage Areas
• Jacking of Rotor
• Lubrication of Fans and Turbines
• Sealing of Hydrogen : Seal Oil Pumps
• Unloading and Transfer of Fuel

Hydraulic Applications
• Governing Hydraulic Turbines
• Rotor lifting in Thermal Power Plants

Package and Industrial Boilers
• Fuel Firing Duties and Lubrication

Steel Plants
• For Fuel Handling
• Lubrication of Steel Rolling Mills
• Storage areas

Sugar Industries
• Juice and Concentrates
• Molasses
• Sugarcane Waste


• Thermic Fluid Pump
• Filter Press Pump
• Lubrication of Compressors
• Lubrication of Turbines
• Process Plant requirements
• Pumping of Asphalt, Bitumen Lube Oil etc.

Oil Field Applications
• Down hole Pumping
• Transfer of Crude

Original Equipments Manufacture
• Heating, Pumping and Filling Units for Lube Oil
• Pumping and Cooling of Lube oil in consoles
in industrial applications

Fertilizers and Petrochemicals
• Lubrication and process application
• Sludge transfer
• Handling of Fuel oil for Boiler utilities

Other Applications
• Water injections
• Accumalator charging
• Rust removal
• Paint stripping
• Hydro testing
• Mould cleaning

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