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  Progressing Cavity Pump - PC ( Series T1S )  

Design and Operation

Tushaco progressing cavity pump is a positive displacement rotary pump. The actual pumping elements of the pump are rotor and stator. The single helical rotor rolls eccentrically in a double threaded helix stator of twice the pitch length. A series of sealed cavities 180° apart are created that appear to progress from suction to discharge during one rotation of rotor. 

The opposing cavities fill and empty simultaneously resulting in a pulsationless flow.The fluid travels axially with relatively low velocity and minimal agitation.The stator is made of a resilient elastomeric material and bonded to the stator tube. The important feature of the pumping principle is the ability to handle slurries and solid particles. The elastomer stator also permits passage of solid particles due to elastomeric deformation. The compression fit of the rotor and stator enables the Tushaco progressing cavity pumps to handle gaseous and low viscosity liquids. The pressure capabilities of the pump are a function of the number of cavities. Tushaco progressing cavity pumps are available in a wide variety of materials - cast iron or stainless steel wetted parts and 10 standard elastomer materials. Tushaco versatile progressing cavity pumps are rugged, compact and highly efficient.

Fluids, which are delicate, shear sensitive or abrasive, low or high viscosity, with fibres, with high air content, or large solids, can be conveniently handled by Tushaco progressing cavity pumps.

Salient Features

 Sturdy drive design provides strength for rigorous continuous operation.

 Unique pivot-joint design extends service life and reduces replacement cost.

 Close coupled models with built-on speed reducers offer compact pumping unit.

 Stators are available in a wide range of elastomers.

 Suction lift to 28' w.c. (Water column)

Possible drive arrangements include:

 Direct drive with motor

 Through gear box

 V-belt pulleys

 Variable speed drives

 Special drives such as hydraulic, with I.C. engines.

Technical Parameters


5 to 2700 lpm

Differential Pressure:

6 to 24 bar


from cryogenic to 120°C

Viscosity range:

1 to 100,000 cp

Typical Industries, Applications & Fluids




Municipal/ Industrial

Transfer Service Sampling

Polymer Feed Dewatering Sludge Transfer

Chemical Feed

Effluent with & without solids, Milk of Lime

General Sewage Slurry, Media

Protective Chemicals


Centrifuge Charging, Transfer, Filter Charging

Kiln Charging Drainage, Metering, Tank Loading/ Unloading

Pit Emptying Gas Scrubbers

Acids, Adhesives, Caustic Soda, Cellulose, Cement Slurry

Dye Liquor, Dye Baths, Flouring, Plaster, Grout,Ink

Lyes, Mortar, Coal Slurry, Lime Slurry


 Process Transfer

Loading/ Unloading, Metering


Acids, Adhesives, Colours, Cosmetics, Detergents

Glue, Lacquers, Hair Oil, Hand Washing

Cream, Paints, Shampoos, Waxes

Food Process & Production

 Process Transfer

Loading/ Unloading, Metering


Alcoholic Beverages, Apple Puree, Baby Food, Beer, Beet Sludge, Biscuit Dough, Citrus Fruit Masher

Cream Cheese, Edible Oil, Eggs, Raw Fats, Fish Residues, Fruit & Berry Masher, Honey, Ice Cream

Lard, Meat Extract, Milk, Mustard, Tomato Paste, Vegetable Oil, Wine, Yeast

Petrochemical Process & Production


Loading/ Unloading 


Crude Oil, Oil Sludge

Oil Tank Residues, Processed Oil 

Waste Products 



 Loading/ Unloading 


 Fuel Oil

 Coal/ Oil Slurry

 Coal/ Water Slurry


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