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  Barrel Pump  
Barrel Pump
  • First Photograph is for AODD Pump as barrel empty pump.
  • Secong Photgraph is for electrically operated Barrel pump
  • Third Photograph for Air Motor Barrel Pump
Model Motor HP Wt Max Flow Max Head Max Viscosity
Low Viscous Drum Pump - Electric Driven, Nno Flp
MOA 40E/0.5 350 W/1 Phase 8 Kg 60 lpm 8 M. 150 cps
MOA 40E/1.0 700 W/1 Phase 8 Kg 70 lpm 12 M. 300 cps
MOA 40E/1.5 1050 W/1 Phase 8 Kg 100 lpm 18 M. 500 cps
Low Viscous Drum Pump - Air Driven
MOA 40A/0.6 0.6 HP/18 CFM@3-6 Bar 6 Kg 90 lpm 15 M. 300 cps
High Viscous Drum Pump - Electric Driven, Non Flp
MOA 40 E HVS/1.0 1.0 HP/960 RPM/3 Phase 18 Kg 50 Kg/Min. 8 Bar 10000 cps
MOA 40E HVS/ 1.5 1.5 HP/960 RPM/3 Phase 18 Kg 30 Kg/Min. 8 Bar 3000 cps
MOA 40E HVS/ 2.0 2.0 HP/960 RPM / 3Phase 24 Kg 15 Kg/Min. 8 Bar 30000 cps
High Viscous Drum Pump - Air Driven
MOA 40 HVS/1.2 1.2 HP/30 CFM@3-6 Bar 12 Kg 30 Kg/Min. 8 M. 15000 cps
  • To transfer highly viscous liquids like mollases Syrup, Liquid Chocolate, honey, Liquid Soap, wax.
  • Suitable for salt solutions, toxic chemicals, solvants, nitric acid, thermic fluid.
  • Paints, Gasolene, glues, Resins, shampoos.
  • Suitable for highly corrosive liquids like HCL, H2SO4, Formic acid, pesticides.

  • Self priming construction.
  • Portable because of light weight.
  • Saves time and labour cost.
  • Air motor design & flameproof design of the pump assures safety in hazardous Area.
  • No welding is involved in any part of tubes.
  • Easy maintenance, Easy to operate.

Operation Principle
  • Impeller is mounted on the bottom of the shaft having length 39 inch.
  • Electrical or air supply will rotate the shaft to transfer the fluid from barrel.
  • Outer tube to shaft will guide the flow.

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