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  Lined Plug Valves  

• PFA/FEP Lining offers highest corrosion resistance. Minimum lining thickness of 3mm, lining locked in dove tail grooves, slots and Holes in the body & plug castings. This prevents Liner collapse in vacuum conditions and blow out in high pressure conditions.

• Outer body graded cast iron as per ASTM Standard, other materials like cast steel / stainless steel available on request.
• 2 Way cavity free design prevents accumulation of particulate matter making it an ideal choice for slurry applications.

• The seal from this plug valve is created by the interface of the plug & the liner. The outside of the plug and the body cavity are at a taper of 2°. The wedge action results in a tight shut-off. Because the Seal is created because of compression it is bi-directional sealing on both upstream and downstream sides.

• Adjustment bolts on the top cover can be utilized for external adjustment of in-line seal.

Technical Data

Size (Inch) : 25 NB to 100 NB
Temperature : FEP – Max : 180 °C PFA – Max : 200 °C
Flange Connection : ANSI B 16.50 Class 150
Face to Face : ANSI B 16.10
Spark Testing of PFA/FEP Lining at 15 kVA.

Leak Test as per API 598.

Industries : Acid Transfers, Caustic & Chlor- Alkali, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Water Treatment
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