Vision and Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to the continuous and sustained development in all works, being the customer's best partner and good global citizen keeping honesty and fairness in every respect, being the continuous source of pride and to lead the way to a bright prosperous future.


Alignment and bonding with all stakeholders is of utmost importance. This helps us identify innovation and capitalize on opportunities and to work with them in supporting their growth. Our focus on developing people, both professionally and personally, is a product of the intention to contribute to the growing band of employees of Shilpa Trade Links Pvt. Ltd. Our work at the industry level, as well as A n M's social contributions, is driven by the same principle. 'Making a Valuable Difference' is at the core of Shilpa group.


Meaningful creation happens with the cohesive efforts of a large number of competent individuals demonstrating outstanding teamwork. Shilpa Trade Links Pvt. Ltd. open and collaborative culture, driven by mutual respect, has been the 'secret formula' to envisioning and creating strategic platforms and applications in conjunction with our customers and partners.


We believe in building not just world-class professionals but also world-class citizens. People spend a substantial part of their time within the organization. At Shilpa Trade Links Pvt. Ltd. we create an environment which acts as stimulus for transforming people into leaders in all facets of their lives

Shilpa Trade Links Pvt. Ltd. for the best - as nothing is beyond reach

The success of the Group can be attributed to the business approach that combines the ability to change with the traditional values of integrity, service and social responsibility that defines its core business philosophy. This is linked with the Group's belief in de-centralization. The long term vision and goals gives the heads of the operating companies a high degree of functional autonomy and authority. This in turn provides the Group with the essential flexibility and a clearly defined work culture and sense of responsibility for individual employees.


In five years, Shilpa Trade Links Pvt. Ltd. has grown from five people to over a hundred. The group has been guided throughout this growth by a set of core values established by its founders. These values has been cherished and practiced in all our interactions.